Party FAQs

How do I make a party enquiry/booking? You can contact us using the online contact form (preferred method), email address or telephone number We will get back in touch with you within 48 hours to discuss your requirements and help you organise your party or event.

How far in advance should I book my party?Ideally parties should be booked with a minimum of 30 days notice. Although, occasionally, we might be able to accommodate last minute bookings, if you have a particular date and time in mind then it is advisable to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment as we get very busy.

What happens after I have booked? After you have finalised the details of your party booking, we will send you a confirmation letter containing all the information we have discussed, this includes your child’s first name which will be displayed on our online diary so that you can clearly see your booking. For further details on how we use your personal information please read our Privacy Policy. We will also send you a pack of party invitations based on your estimated numbers and we recommend you give these to your party guests 3-4 weeks before your party. Please confirm your booking via telephone, text or email 7 days prior to your booking.

Will I need to pay a deposit?  No, we do not currently ask for a deposit, you simply pay for those who turn up and take part on the day at the end of the party. Please pay via cash or cheque.

How long does a standard party last? Mrs Bead will arrive 30 minutes before the party begins to set up. The beading will last for 90 mins.  You’ll need to add extra time to your invitations to serve food, birthday cake etc. We usually recommend that 30 minutes is ample time for that after the beading.

What will happen on the day of the party and what do I need to provide? Mrs Bead brings oodles of beads so make sure there is a table available, a standard dining table or large coffee table is sufficient.  The children can either be seated or stand around the table (standing is often better at parties with lots of guests) or they can even sit on cushions on the floor if necessary. The birthday girl or boy will pick out the items they would like to make at their party (usually 3 items) and Mrs Bead will guide the party guests step-by-step through the beading projects and, if necessary, on the safe and correct way to use the tools. When all the children have finished making their creations, they can put them in the party bags we provide and we will start the tidying up and leave you to the rest of the party. You can write names on the party bags and add any other treats you wish to them. We also provide party favours and you can opt to include these during the booking process or add them to your party package at any time – simply telephone, text or email!

What if I have to cancel a party?On the very rare occasion that you should need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible and we will offer you an alternative date for your party. If you do not wish to rebook your party this will incur a £30 administration charge and will be billed to the address you provided us with at the time of booking.

What if Mrs Bead needs to cancel the party?In the unlikely event that Mrs Bead would need to cancel your party due to illness or to unforeseen circumstances you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule.  We reserve the right to cancel any party due to adverse weather conditions such as snow, illness or any other unforeseen emergencies.

For any further information about Mrs Bead parties & workshops please contact us.